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Outdoor Women Gone Wild Junction, Texas

In four sessions throughout the day, class will begin with a Restorative Yoga practice, suitable for stretching and relaxation in the midst of a full day of activities.  Once we are relaxed, we will talk about what life would look like if we didn’t worry so much about what other people thought and became women who are free to adventure, while being fully supported in our growth.  Even the longest life is a short ride, learn how to be true to your dreams, talents and values!

Sally M. Martin is an adventure guide, yoga teacher and life coach.  Using the strategies she’s learned in life, she is able to travel, write and support other women to be courageous so that they can take that trip, write that book, leave a dead end relationship or whatever brave and bold action they want to take in their lives.  

Sally is the creator of the “Courageous Woman Curriculum”, which is a small step strategy with which to redesign your life and fulfill your full potential.

BASIC RIVER FISHIN’ – Learn what equipment and bait to use and how to use it, and what to look for when choosing a fishin’ spot for what type of fish you are after.
TOMAHAWK THROWING – Learn the art of Tomahawk throwing and be amazed when you hit your target.
KAYAKING-Learn the basics of kayaking. Bring a change of clothes.
HANDS ON WILD GAME PROCESSING – (from hoof to table) includes skinning, cutting up and packaging of wild game. (2 Class periods.)
TEAM HORSE WAGON DRIVING-Here is the chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about driving a wagon and was afraid to ask.  It will be an experience to tell your grandchildren about one day!
TARGET SHOOTING- Start taking out thosetargets after reviewing some rules.
WICKED WILD WIND CHIMES – (too cute) fun sit down class making your own “one of a kind” wind chime. (2 Class periods - $10 extra)
SELF DEFENSE - Learn the basics of protecting yourself from unwanted advances.
MOSAIC CROSSES –Fun sit down class making mosaic crosses using jewels, broken dishes & other funky fun stuff! (2 Class periods - $10 extra)
FLY TYING & FLY-FISHING- Learn to tie your own fly and then learn to use your fly to fly fish. (2 Class periods)
ADVANCED FLY TYING &FLY-FISHING- More advancedfly fishing class. (2 Class periods)
WATER WITCHING – learn firsthand how to locate underground water& take home your very own water witchin’ tool.

SNAKES IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD & WHAT TO DO IN A CRISIS–Learn what snakes are living in your backyard, which are poisonous& which are not, and what to do if bitten.
ORIENTERING- Learn to navigate a course using a map and compass.
BASIC TRAILER BACKING - Learn the basics of backing a trailer with no one laughing at you.
BASIC ATV OPERATION/SAFETY–Hands-on training on how to operate an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), safety and maintenance.
ARCHERY- Whether recreation or competition, target shooting or hunting, you’ll enjoy learning about this growing sport. Learn to identify bow equipment, safety, selection, and shooting stance. Experience the thrill of hitting the mark.
LEATHER TOOLING – Basic leather tooling, learn what tools to use to create your very own tooled leather
BASIC ROPIN’ – Toss that rope around that dogie.

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