I come from a diverse background of intentional living, spanning several years. Working as an adventure guide, I hosted clients on white water rafting trips and have trekked through the wilderness with groups on bikes and horseback in Idaho, Alaska, New Mexico and Colorado.  I have also traveled and lived in Mexico, Honduras and Venezuela.  I traveled Spain, France and Italy solo in 2014.  I am an Adventure Guide. New experiences and confidence give us the courage to navigate our inner worlds more successfully.

My mission is to empower women to heal their pasts and live their lives in alignment with their own essential selves.

My experiences have set me on my journey of helping women discover and celebrate their authentic selves. It's important to me that women are aware of possibility and choices. I want to empower every woman I work with to live her authentic life and make an abundant living while doing it.

I love collaborating with my clients to help them take BOLD and BRAVE steps in their lives.

Sophia P.
185d ago
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