When You Start, Look Back

Today I woke up and knew during my meditation that it was time to take a big step.  I have a shoulder injury from which I need time to recover and I need to create more solid income streams to support me during my recovery.  I knew intuitively that I need to call my coach and get started with helping MORE women live their most authentic lives.

I don't require a lot.  I live relatively inexpensively and sustainably but I don't like to feel that knot in the pit of my stomach when I see money floating out while less comes in.  I need to get my creative juices flowing so my nest is still feathered (in iridescent peacock feathers) while I'm recovering and am unable to help my massage clients.

My meditation practice has helped me a lot.  If I get still and quiet and listen, I can better hear my inner guide.  I started a cleanse 3 days ago and the clarity from eating clean is amazing, in only three days!  So, I am going to call my coach this morning and get ON it!

It's been almost a year since I worked with this coach.  She helped me so much last year when I was in transition, which I almost always am because I'm a transformation junkie.  I knew I needed to update her on where I was in my life.  When I started looking back, instead of seeing lack and all of the things I WASN'T doing, I saw a lot of progress.

I actually sold the HOUSE at the ranch and it was moved away.  I didn't love it.  It felt like an obligation rather than an asset.  I did a huge house cleaning when I moved and took 3 trailer loads of trash to the dump, donated stuff to thrift stores and consigned some furniture that didn't spark joy for me.  I closed a business that wasn't serving me and the vision with which I created it.  I have found the perfect place to land in Austin, my favorite city that is close to my ranch.  I manifested this place with Cristel's help last year.  It's affordable and I didn't have to sign a lease, which is an amazing feat in Austin, let me tell you!

I have created a website for my coaching business, maintained a growing Facebook following who I update frequently, created events of adventure for women. I am constantly working on my life coaching curriculum to best serve my clients.  I have an office now and have chipped away at the list of self care items I knew needed to be in place.  I get massage regularly, get a B12 shot every week, go to the chiropractor every week, get acupuncture when I need it and I have started riding my bike again, which I love.  I can't do yoga right now, but rather than getting tweaked out about it (I still have my meditation practice after all) I started going to Pilates and Barr classes occasionally.

I've helped clients start businesses, leave dead end relationships and dead end jobs, reinvent their living spaces and in general, live a life that is more in line with their own light; the purpose that they came to the planet with.  That is my most astounding accomplishment in my opinion and the one that lights ME up the most.  What I need now is to know HOW I can help more people?!  Every woman can benefit from coaching.  How do I reach the ones who are ready?

I'm excited to talk to Cristel today and find out what I can create next.  I'm very good at helping women transform.  I'm very skilled at honoring my inner wild woman and getting outside to play and at sharing that with others.  What I need is more structure.  Playful kids like me (and maybe you) need accountability and a system in place so we don't feel so adrift.  I am great at helping others with this.  I'm not so great at setting it in place for myself.  

Knowing you need help to grow and asking for it is a huge leap of courage.  I'm going to give myself credit for that today.  I also see that looking back for a moment and seeing where we are from where we've been is also a huge boost.  I'm excited and looking forward.  In addition to my cleanse, ongoing meditation practice, renewed commitment to exercise that I think is FUN, I started this writing challenge today.  It's called my500words.com #my500words.  You are enjoying the fruits of my first day!  

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