Oxcarts and Airplanes

I am an efficiency freak.  People who know me know that I can be very assertive and impatient in traffic.  It’s not that I want to go faster and get mad at slow people, but the roads were designed where the slow people drive in the right hand lane and the left is open for passing only.  Slow drivers in the left lane is one of my huge pet peeves.


This concept also applies to communication.  Rather than asking 14 questions via text, please propose a solution, a meeting place or a plan so I have somewhere to start with my response.  In Chinese medicine my type is known as metal.  We get in our heads and like it there.  We plan things out.  Even when I unlock a combination lock, I consider which direction is the most efficient one to turn the tumblers to reach the combination most efficiently.   I told you.  Freak.  At least to those Chinese medicine Wood and Water energy people. 


Recently I was reading a book that I’m pretty sure was written by a Metal person like me.  Even though we Metal people are too pragmatic to fall into blind faith and belief of religion and spirituality, if you describe a challenge or solution to us in scientific or efficiency terms, we can totally get on board.


This Aha! Moment came when I read the authors description of travelling across the country.  People used to do it in an oxcart.  It took years to get from one coast to another.  So long that people were even born and died on the journey… the population of the travel party actually changed it took so long.


So Wood people (Water people don’t leave the place where they start) would focus on enjoying the journey and wouldn’t get too wound up about when they got there.  They may even settle somewhere for a few years before starting on again.  I do cultivate my “living in the moment” energy.  That’s my work in this life.  Wood people have the challenge of being more efficient.  For Water people, sometimes their challenge is to leave the house.


So back to the oxcart.  I could still travel from New York to LA in an oxcart.  I could.  But we have airplanes now.  I can hop on a flight and be in California in a matter of hours and even be fed and cared for while en route.  Maybe even get a nap or watch a movie.


So why would anyone choose to take an oxcart?


My Aha! Moment came when I realized that when I follow my standard way of believing the stories I tell myself about what I am capable of, how loveable or attractive I am… I’m taking an oxcart to success. 


My clients hear me talk about static choices.  Static choices are those that say, “I’ve always done it this way and I will continue.”  Dynamic choices, which are those we have to make to live a bigger, more fulfilling life, circumvent that computer chip in our brains that say, “Why don’t I choose something else this time?” 


The author was talking about beliefs and stories… and changing them.  I can change any negative belief by choosing something else.  That is the airplane to success.  When we continually complain and tell stories about how we are the victims and talk about our challenges and why we can’t have what we want (but are still saying we want to get there) is like taking the oxcart.


Voila!  The efficiency freak in me totally got this.  I’m going to reprogram the negativity by complaining less and believing in magic and love more.  Not because I love woo woo stuff but because it just makes sense. 


Consider this your boarding pass if you want to ditch the oxcart and take the airplane to the destination in your life you want to reach.

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